What is the WISC – IV?

This fourth generation of the most widely used children’s intellectual ability assessment meets your testing needs for the twenty-first century.

Benefits of WISC–IV

  • Expand and strengthen clinical utility to support your decision-making
  • Develop the four Index Scores as the primary interpretive structure
  • Improve the assessment of fluid reasoning, working memory and processing speed
  • Improve subtest reliabilities, floors and ceilings from WISC–III
  • Co-normed with the recently published WISC-ll (which replaces the WOND, WORD and WOLD)
  • Updated, colorful, child-friendly artwork
  • Instructions to both the examiner and the child are improved to make the WISC–IV even more user friendly.

Three WISC–III subtests have been eliminated from WISC-IV: Object Assembly, Mazes and Picture Arrangement. WISC–III subtests that are now supplemental include Picture Completion, Arithmetic and Information.

New Subtests

Several new subtests are added to reflect current clinical knowledge and practice:

  • Word Reasoning – measures reasoning with verbal material; child identifies underlying concept given successive clues.
  • Matrix Reasoning – measures fluid reasoning (a highly reliable subtest on WAIS–III and WPPSI-III ); child is presented with a partially filled grid and asked to select the item that properly completes the matrix.
  • Picture Concepts – measures fluid reasoning, perceptual organization, and categorization (requires categorical reasoning without a verbal response); from each of two or three rows of objects, child selects objects that go together based on an underlying concept.
  • Letter-Number Sequencing – measures working memory (adapted from WAIS–III); child is presented with a mixed series of numbers and letters and repeats them numbers first (in numerical order), then letters (in alphabetical order).
  • Cancellation – measures processing speed using random and structured animal target forms (foils are common non-animal objects).
  • In addition, new optional recall procedures have been added to the Coding subtest, including free recall, cued digit recall and cued symbol recall.

Link: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children ® – Fourth UK Edition (WISC-IV UK)

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