Intake Procedure

Call our office

Get in touch with our office, and our friendly staff will guide you on how to access our services and address any queries you may have. MIND will collect your contact information and request any background documents that may be necessary ahead of the Intake Appointment.

Schedule an Intake Appointment

We understand the importance of convenience, so we will work with you to find a suitable time that fits you or your child's schedule. During the intake appointment, you will have an initial consultation with our intake specialists, who will discuss your concerns, gather relevant case history information, screen your child if applicable, and engage in a thorough discussion of any observations made.

Start your therapy journey

After your intake appointment, our team of experts will provide you with detailed feedback over the phone within 24-48 hours. This feedback will help identify specific areas of concern and suggest a customized therapy plan or assessment process. We aim to establish a regular schedule that remains consistent so you know what to expect as part of your personalized care plan.

You are also invited to book your Intake Appointment here.

For hospital or school referrals, you may refer to us directly through our external referral form. Please contact us to request the form.

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