Types of Speech Techniques

Although it is rarely talked about, speech therapy is something that many individuals seek out to help them with speech problems of any severity. Thousands of patients seek out speech therapy to combat many speech issues, and there are many different techniques that speech therapists employ to help their patients reach their goals.

Articulation Therapy

Articulation therapy is unique in that when employing this technique, therapists will focus on helping the patient produce certain sounds and articulate different parts of speech correctly. This type of speech therapy is used to help with many problems that arise as a consequence of injury, illness, or delays.

Language Intervention Therapy

Language intervention therapy is employed to help the patient develop speech abilities. This technique is frequently used with children who are exhibiting speech delays, and in adults who require encouragement to help with their language abilities. This less formal approach to therapy focuses on helping the patient to pronounce words properly.

Oral Motor Therapy

Oral motor therapy consists of exercise routines with the goal of exercising and strengthening the muscles in and around the mouth, which helps focus control of speech. Although this therapy type can help patients with delays, it is more commonly used with patients who have suffered a physical injury or ailment that caused them to be unable to speak properly.

Vital Stim Therapy

When patients suffer from medical conditions such as a stroke, they may develop an inability to swallow, referred to in medical terms as dysphagia. Sufferers of dysphagia may have trouble eating, drinking, and speaking, but Vital Stim therapy can work in tandem with other therapies to help patients regain the ability to swallow, and their independence. Using electrical stimulation along the neck along with other exercises, Vital Stim can help speed up a patient’s recovery.


LSVT, or Lee Silverman Speech Therapy, is a comprehensive treatment used to improve the speech of patients. This therapy addresses many aspects of speech, including volume, articulation, and respiratory ability. LSVT has proven to be effective for more than just increasing speech ability. It has also been shown to assist with swallowing, articulation, and improved facial expression. This therapy is unique, in that it works to strengthen the laryngeal muscles to improve vocal control.

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