Top Toys to develop language


Children learn important speech and language skills through play. You are the main language model for your child. The best toys are traditional ones rather than those operated with a battery. Do not try and lead their play, always follow the child’s interest and what they show you. Have only 2/3 toys out at once to avoid flitting.

Follow your child’s interests during play. These ideas will help to develop language

  • Dolls: Label body parts and clothes. Make dolly do different actions like jump, sleep, cuddle, drink…
  • Ball: Take turns to roll it backwards and forwards.
  • Use words like fast / slow / bounce
  • Tea Set: Say the names of the objects (cup / spoon / plate) as your child picks them up. Use pretend food and label what they play with. Model the word ‘more’.
  • Cars / Animals: Label the objects and make the noise e.g. ‘Choo- Choo’ and ‘Brum’.
  • Hide dummies, turn off the TV and remove other distractions before you play.
and remember to have FUN!


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