Speech Therapy for Adults

Why You May Need Speech Therapy

There are many reasons why adults seek the expertise of a speech-language pathologist to improve their communication skills. These can include having trouble thinking of certain words, voice disorders, stuttering, slurred speech and other communication disorders. Other motivations for wanting to meet with a speech pathologist might be to modify an accent or to improve corporate communication and presentation skills.

Our highly trained licensed speech-language pathologists at Connected Speech Pathology have expertise in all of these areas and can help you achieve your communication goals. We hold certifications in our different specialty areas. Many of our speech pathologists have lectured at graduate and post-graduate levels, trained, published, and presented our research at international conferences.

We can help with therapy in the following areas:

  • Help those who stutter to have smoother speech
  • Improve speech in those who have trouble pronouncing certain sounds
  • Enhance spoken language, understanding, reading and writing in those recovering from stroke or other traumatic brain injury
  • Improve voice tone, volume, pitch or quality
  • Neutralize regional or foreign (non-native) accent
  • Learn to speak more confidently, clearly and succinctly

The Benefits of Speech Therapy at Home For Adults

Virtual speech therapy is a convenient and effective way for adults to achieve their communication goals. Our online therapy sessions are live and interactive and goals are tailor-made for the needs of each individual.

Here are just some of the benefits of using online speech therapy:
  • Eliminates transportation concerns and travel time
  • Helps those who live in rural areas conveniently get the treatment they need
  • Eliminates the hassle of going to in-person appointments
  • Improves attendance
  • Allows for easy generalization of goals into everyday life
  • Facilitates caregiver involvement

Link: https://connectedspeechpathology.com/therapy-for-adults

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