Speech and Language therapists


Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) are registered allied health professionals who help to develop the skills of parents, caregivers, and other people who support children with speech and language difficulties. This approach ensures that therapy is practical, non-intrusive, and most effective for the child/young person.

Speech and Language Therapy Service Support

The Speech and Language Therapy Service offers support to children and young people with various speech and language difficulties. These difficulties include understanding what is said to them, learning to talk, talking clearly (saying speech sounds), stammering, swallowing (eating and drinking), and using language to interact with other people.

Training and Resources Available

As part of a child’s therapy, parents, and other people working with the child can play an essential role. Some preschools and schools may have attended training that benefits children with speech and language needs, and they may provide what your child needs without needing to contact the service. The department may also provide a pack of activities or give advice and clear criteria to meet before contacting the service in the future. Some may be signposted to another service/group, or attendance at a training course may be recommended.

Speech Sound Errors in Children

Between the ages of 2-6 years old, speech sound errors are common as communication skills are still developing. Some children may speak clearly from the moment they talk, while others may have many sound errors that gradually resolve as they grow. Therefore, the Speech and Language Therapy department does not need to work with all children with speech sound errors, as many will develop their sounds as they grow.

Link: https://www.cornwallft.nhs.uk/childrens-speech-and-language-therapy/

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