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Why Choose Us?

  1. Our exceptional, multi-disciplinary team.

            Each staff member at Mind Institute has been carefully selected for their professional and personal achievements, as well as their experience. Mind Institute’s therapists and support staff are not only highly qualified and experienced in their fields, but also come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, creating an inclusive, well-rounded environment that is open to everyone. Our therapists offer services in English, Arabic, and French.

  1. We make a difference.

            Mind Institute is a goal-oriented center that achieves demonstrable results. Our services are comprehensive, and our center features the latest, cutting-edge technology and resources from the United States and United Kingdom. We go to extraordinary lengths to improve the lives of children and adults who are referred to us, and thrive on making a real difference in the individuals we treat.

  1. We are committed to your journey.

            Mind Institute recognizes that no two individuals are the same- which is why each treatment plan is customized and tailored to the individual. Our environment is founded on a cooperative and collaborative approach between all  of our therapists, ensuring that every single assessment and treatment plan has been comprehensively studied to provide the best results.