Travel tips for parents with children who have additional needs

Parents with children who have additional needs or complex medical conditions, developmental delay and autism share their directives:

Prepare for Medical Emergencies

  • Locate the nearest medical facility in your destination before traveling
  • Create a care plan that can be used by any medical provider in case of emergencies
  • Keep a list of your child’s medication as prescribed by their doctor

Ensure Comfortable Travel

  • Request for priority time when going through security checking
  • Confirm seating arrangements with the airline to ensure you and your child sit together
  • Notify the travel agent of your child’s need for permanent assistance and/or a travel attendant’s continuous checking

Help Your Child Cope with Travel Anxiety

  • Discuss different scenarios with your child to reduce panic attacks or anxiety
  • Provide distraction techniques such as coloring books, personal headphones with music, and hand fidgets to help your child self-regulate and reduce anxieties
  • Pack medicines in clear plastic bags to make them visible to security officers

In conclusion, traveling with children with additional needs or complex medical conditions requires careful planning and preparation. These essential tips can help parents ensure the comfort, safety, and well-being of their child when traveling.

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