Innovative Shadowing Approach

Innovative Shadowing Approach

Therapeutic Shadow

When most parents or teachers think of a shadow, they believe that it is an adult shadowing a child to ensure that no bad behaviors occur. However, Mind Institute’s approach to shadowing is very different. While our trained shadow works hard to help a distracting child behave well during school, we also teach the child how to become independent.

Each one of our shadows has a Case Manager that she reports to. The case manager is a professional and a licensed therapist overseeing the case. The case manager will first understand the child’s limitations and strengths. Only then will she be able to come up with a program that will target the child’s needs and set achievable goals and milestones. Each case manager is part of a multidisciplinary team of therapists, giving the child his/her best chances to receive a comprehensive and customized Therapy Management Plan. Our shadows are trained to collect data and communicate the information to their case manager as part of their daily routine.

The main goals of our shadows are three folds; help the child communicate, help the child build social skills, and help the child stay on his classroom tasks. As such, the shadow follows the program set out by his/her case manager. This program gets reviewed and adjusted regularly to ensure that we are right on target. Our shadows will never do the work for the child, but rather help the child understand what is expected of him/her. Our unique service ensures collaboration with the school and parents, creating a bridge between home, school, and the child.

If your child has behavioral, developmental, or learning difficulties, we can help. Give your child the chance to develop their skill and become the person that they can or want to be. We have so many successful stories of actualizing many of our children’s potential, helping them become independent.

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