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Importance of Movement in Child Development

Children are often told to remain seated, stop running, stop jumping and get down form climbing.

Some adults have become “overprotective” of a child’s enthusiasm to explore their environment. However, you should encourage Movement at every given opportunity in a safe way. Movement should be a natural way for children to develop healthily in different aspects. Developmentally a child would have begun to acquire some motor-skills before birth.  Immediately following birth reflexes are present and then you can observe the child is actively moving its limbs.

Why is the Movement in Child Development so important in early childhood education?

Developmental milestones are hugely important. Children will develop their range of motion, balance, coordination, muscle strength and endurance. The research revealed evidence that play is not only an important part of a child’s learning but encouraging movement can also allow children the space to develop self-awareness, body awareness, confidence and learn different ways of communicating non-verbally. In some cases, Occupational Therapists will inform the following assessment of a child that gross and fine motor skills are delayed. It is important to know that without the development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills are inevitably reduced.

Schools, as well as nurseries, should be actively seeking to give children more opportunities to learn and develop by introducing active participation “Kinaesthetic” methods of teaching, where learning becomes less passive. This approach could well involve dancing, yoga and free play.

Movement in Child Development serves as a modality to keep the body healthy and strong.  Movement will also allow for better circulation of oxygen to the brain. So that it positively impacts the child’s cognitive development, improved attention span, and mental well-being.

Also, you should encourage all children for movement. There is a “cause for concern” for the child who is refusing to indulge in free movement opportunities.

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