Speech Therapy for Adult

Speech therapy for adults can support a wide range of communication and swallowing issues. Our local Speech Centres all over Ireland can provide home visits and services to nursing homes ensuring the highest standards and HIQA compliance.

What happens when you see a Speech and Language Therapist?

When you make an appointment with a Speech and Language Therapist, either in the clinic or in your own home, a number of things may happen.

For communication difficulties, you will be asked about the nature of your difficulties, their impact on you, and their origin. The Speech and Language Therapist will then look at various aspects of language by asking questions and showing you pictures. Once they have assessed all the relevant aspects of language they will then formulate a diagnosis and therapy plan.

Speech therapy for adults focuses on the individual’s’ needs. For swallowing difficulties, you will be asked about your medical history and diet, and the details of the problem. The Speech and Language Therapist will then examine your reflexes and the muscles of your mouth and throat. They will then trial various food consistencies and techniques with you to determine the safest way for you to swallow. They may recommend changes to the textures of your food or drink, the way you sit or hold your head, or give you exercises to do.

Link: https://www.thespeechcentre.com/speech-therapy-for-adults/

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