Developing Social Skills in Children

Social Skills

The ability to socialize and make friends does not come naturally for all children. Some children have “social skills deficits”, which makes it hard for the child to participate in recreational activities.

How do social skills group work at Mind institute?

Our social skills groups are facilitated by our therapists. We run a block of 6 weeks. Kids are put together in a group according to their age and interests. Each week, a different social skill is taught and practiced so that it is generalized throughout the block.

At Mind Institute, we provide all the resources needed for social groups. Our social skills group include playgroups, LEGO, competitive games, cooperative games, music-making and rhythm games, role play, dramatic and pretend games, emotion games, yoga, story-based discussions about emotions and team athletics carried out in our fully equipped gym.

Benefits of Social Group

  • Identification and assessment of strengths and deficits
  • Use of behaviorally based teaching strategies
  • Modeling appropriate pro-social behavior
  • Roleplay and naturally occurring practice opportunities
  • Positive reinforcement for skill demonstration
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