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At Mind Institute, our staff understands the importance of relationship-based interventions. We believe that a successful developmental and educational program cultivates positive relationships and builds trust between clients and their therapists. Mind Institute’s mission is to create wholeness for children and adults by preparing each individual to successfully navigate social, academic and professional endeavours. Our clinical services, along with our personal touch, result in measurable change and unlock the potential for a brighter future.

Mind Institute is founded on three key beliefs: Compassion, Trust, and Understanding. These beliefs allow our clients to achieve a strong sense of self, well-being, and confidence, to move them along the continuum of development so they live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Compassion: At Mind Institute, compassion has a human face.

Trust: No challenge is easily overcome, which is why we believe in the journey.

Understanding: We strongly believe that a mutual understanding and agreement between client and therapist is essential to providing comprehensive care in education and personal development.