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Integration Services in Qatar

Some exceptional children experience difficulties in school. These difficulties can be due to a disorder a child has. Children with difficulties are exceptional children and are entitled to receive accommodations to allow them to receive appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. In a perfect world, all schools should be equipped with the necessary framework to enable all children to reach their full potential regardless of their abilities. However, we do not live in a perfect world.

Mind Institute deploys a specific approach to allow exceptional children to attend mainstream schools.

What is our approach to Integration services?

1) Understand what kind of support your child needs to be successful in the classroom. Your child may require a shadow to allow him/her to stay on schedule.

2) Establish a Grade Level for your child. Many factors influence this. Our goal is to integrate your child as close to his/her grade as possible to allow your child to mature physically and emotionally alongside his/her peers. Even if your child is cognitively below grade level, we work with the school to keep your child with his/her peers in subjects like P.E, health and music while coordinating one on one assistance in math and language arts.

3) Team up with the teacher to develop an “Integration Plan.” We will examine your child’s IEP and make necessary modifications to reflect your child’s best interests. These modifications may include behavior support, visuals, creating a designated space for your child to work in with his/her peers in activities like reading groups, science clubs, etc.

4) Team up with Classmates. We believe integration helps mainstream children learn about compassion, acceptance, and teamwork amidst differing ability levels. It is vital that our children are exposed to all kinds of people, all sorts of cultures, all sorts of religions, and, similarly, all sorts of disabilities. Therefore we work on fostering relationships in integration classes. One way of achieving this is by creating a “buddy” system at school. This is a healthy way to make students accountable and teach them how to help their “buddy,” creating a more accepting environment for everyone in the classroom.

5) Assist and amend. Mind institute will look at what your child needs to make him/her successful? Once we have established an appropriate classroom for integration and educated classmates and staff through collaboration, it is time to accommodate and modify so that your child succeeds. Assistance and modifications will affect several aspects of your child’s day at school. An example would be a change in the environment, limiting distractions, modifying the texts’ level, and worksheets. Another example is time. We work with the school to allow more time for responses, allow more frequent breaks and oral responses instead of written responses. These are just examples of how Mind Institute will assist and amend aspects of your child’s typical day at school to allow him/her to integrate into a mainstream routine.

6) Observe, review, and modify; continuously connect with the teachers and peers to ensure our integration models are working. Collect data, measure success, and adjust plans. This takes time, but with time your child will begin to connect with his/her peers in the hallways or even approach new friends at recess!

Below is a snapshot of our Integration Services. These children were successfully integrated into mainstream classrooms. If your child is exceptional and needs help integrating into mainstream schools, call us today!







4 years



Newton International School


4 years


Language Delay

Vision International


4 years


Chromosomal Disorder

International School of London


3 years





2 years


Language Delay

Little Academy Nursery


4 years



Vision International School


4 years





5 years


Developmental Delay/ASD


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