Early Intervention Services

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Mind Institute is a multicultural therapy center that delivers Early Intervention services with linguistic diversity and cultural sensitivity. We are licensed to provide a variety of therapeutic services, including multidisciplinary evaluation and therapy services.

As your child is growing, you notice every small development. Some children may take a little longer than others to develop and may need additional support. If you are worried your child isn’t making progress and achieving his/her developmental milestones, it may be time to call us. Our specialists will assess your child’s self-help skills, such as feeding, learning abilities, communication skills, motor skills, sensory development, and social interactions.

Please note that it is not necessary to have a physician referral to access our service.

What do we target? 

  • Social skills (emotions, turn-taking, waiting).
  • Functional communication, speech, and language.
  • Cognitive skills (attention, focus, self-regulation, problem-solving).
  • Self-help skill/ daily living skills (toileting, dressing, eating, hygiene).
  • Fine/ gross motor developmental milestones.
  • Reducing challenging behaviors.

Why Mind Institute

Our staff understands the daily difficulties your child may be experiencing if they are delayed in meeting their developmental milestones. We assure you that each of our professionals is carefully selected based on their professional experience, attitude, and enthusiasm. All of our evaluators and therapists are subject to reference checks as well as police clearance both locally and in their home country. Our certified/licensed bilingual specialists are available to work with you and your child. Your child will have access to:

Our promise

Mind Institute Qatar believes that the home environment is critical in a child’s development. Continuity and connection between the child’s natural home environment and his/her community must be present in order for a child to benefit and advance. We aim to work together with all families, believing that the mutual efforts of dedicated families and our professional team will open up possibilities for your child that are truly endless. If you enroll your child in our program, you will help your child develop cognitive, language, and physical development through a series of educational, therapeutic but fun activities. You will also receive the training and the support you need. We also can provide training to your caregiver. By attending our center, you will Help Track and Monitor Your Child’s Developmental Milestones

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