Couples Therapy

Couples (and Family) Therapy is a therapy that targets any relationship that  is in distress despite the best efforts of the partners, who usually feel stuck with a sense of loss of intimacy. There are many reasons for relationships to be threatened, mostly having to do with family of origin patterns of behaviors or defenses that are no longer useful at present, or sometimes comorbid psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety that are barriers for change. Throughout the therapeutic process, the couple’s therapist objectively assesses the couple’s relational patterns, and helps them to change through practicing more functional skills that can get them closer to their goals of intimacy and minimizing tension. Specifically, the couple’s therapist helps them to modify emotional reactiveness, decrease emotional avoidance by reinforcing them to express their emotions and thoughts in a positive way that does not use blame, shame, judgment or victimization, and of course improves verbal and nonverbal communication skills.


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