Relationship Counseling for Couples

Relationship Counseling for Couples

Couples Counselling

Are you looking for emotional clarity? Are you trying to improve your ability to engage in a healthy reciprocal relationship and intimate connection? Our licensed psychotherapists at Mind Institute can help. We will work with you in a collaborative process, where the pattern of your relationship will be allowed to unfold in a safe and respectful environment. Our therapists will make sense of the mess you are in. We will create a positive experience of each other through an environment of respect and increasing understanding and emotional clarity.

How does couple counseling work at Mind Institute?

For couple counseling to be successful, an educational piece has to be part of the strategy. Our licensed therapists integrate psycho-educational component in their strategy to ensure therapy success. Our approach is conversational, compassionate, and holistically-minded. Through therapy, you will both discover yourselves and realize that you can both reach your utmost potential. At Mind Institute, therapy is not scary or unattainable. Instead, it is holistic, and sometimes it can be fun!

Our sessions will help you

  • Verbalize what has otherwise been unsaid.
  • Provide tools to facilitate more efficient communication.
  • Identify and replace old habits and defense strategies with more suitable ones.
  • Identify your partner’s emotional triggers and understand why these triggers are present.
  • Establish clear goals for the relationship and how to achieve these goals.

Do you wonder about what secrets happy couples hold? How and why some of us get along really well while others keep having fights and disagreements? Are couples with successful marriages built differently? Do they have better diest or better sleep patterns?

Stop wondering. Take action to improve your relationship. Mind Institute’s multi-lingual licensed psychotherapists can help. We offer counseling in Arabic, English, French. Call us today!

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