Children and Learning disabilities

Many children struggle with studies and have difficulties getting good grades, however are very smart. Often parents do not understand why their seemingly intelligent kids are failing at school. Some causes include hearing impairment and weak vision‎. Those latter are frequently the causes behind low scholastic and academic performances. Today, we know that there are other, less easily depicted causes that also affect kids’ scholastic achievements and grades.

Children and adolescents who have a learning difficulty appear as lazy, inattentive, not studious enough or even as not smart ! Learning disabilities impact students’ grades more often than any other disability. Learning disabilities are defined as having a weakness in one or more of the following areas: Reading; Spelling; Comprehension; Writing; Calculations; Memorizing; Visualizing. These weaknesses can also co-exist with other types of disorders, such as : Hyperactivity; Attention Deficit (ADHD); Executive function disorders ; Anxiety; OCD; Depression.

Good treatment is only accomplished after having made an accurate diagnosis. These tests include the assessment and measurement of intelligence, academic achievement, cognitive processing, memory, concentration and intelligence (IQ).

Learning difficulties get worse with age and are not usually noticed at home or in the classroom. They always have a negative impact on self-esteem and self-confidence and might destroy the social aspect of a child’s life. Therefore, it is important for parents and educators to take any weaknesses seriously and to seek professional help as soon as possible. Appropriate intervention and treatment can largely help a child overcome those challenges. Research shows that kids who have learning disabilities who have undergone special education, psychological support and speech/language therapy do much better as adults in the future than those who don’t get help as children. They can improve to reach the level of performance of kids without learning and language difficulties.


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